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Signals & Luminaires

luminairesSafety Base is a device that can ultimately save lives. The Safety Base system uses frangible couplers to attach a pole to a base. These couplers are strong enough to withstand external bending and torque caused by static forces and wind loads. However, they are designed to instantly break from the impact of a moving vehicle, without causing harm to its occupants. Because of this unique design, you can help eliminate fatalities and minimize damage to public and private property. The damage avoided is common in vehicular collisions with free standing, conventionally-mounted, street lights, traffic signal poles and pedestrian corridor poles.

Benefits of Safety Base:

  • NCHRP report 230 & 350
  • Meets or exceeds the criteria set by AASHTO requirements.
  • FHWA approved.
  • Protects anchor bolts.

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