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signsThe Safety Base design reduces damage of vehicle to fixed object collisions through the use of a breakaway, pole-to-base coupling device. The device is strong enough to withstand wind and static forces, but it's designed to fracture from the impact of a moving vehicle, without causing harm to its occupants.

With the Safety Base Roadside Sign technology, you can see a dramatic reduction in injuries and fatal collisions involving vehicles and large highway sign poles. Safety Base also saves municipalities time, and money. The design allows for extremely economical installation and retrofit costs. Further, the ability to reuse knocked down poles due to minimal damage incurred after collision, is a bonus. Minimal reinstallation time required after a collision also reduces traffic tie-ups and labor costs.

When a vehicle collides with a highway sign, the special Safety Base couplers allows the wide flange to break away from its base. The couplers are easily removed and replaced with a new set. Safety Base uses a standard anchor bolt and is the only system that protects the anchor bolt. The undamaged sign is then lifted back into position and re-attached.

Invented and manufactured with all road and weather conditions in mind, the award-winning Safety Base breakaway pole-to-base coupling device can be found on highways and city streets throughout North America.

Benefits of Safety Base:

  • NCHRP report 230 & 350
  • Meets or exceeds the criteria set by AASHTO requirements.
  • FHWA approved.
  • Protects anchor bolts.

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