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"Safety Base, in my opinion, is one of the most effective impact altering devices now available to highway design engineers."
- Director, University of Manitoba Road Research Unit

"The clever design allows poles equipped with Safety Base to withstand extreme wind conditions yet allows the pole to quickly break away from its base upon impact from a motor vehicle."
- Carl Kummen, P.Eng. Traffic Signals Engineer, City of Winnipeg

"The Manitoba Safety Bases are acceptable for use on projects on the National Highway Systems within the range of conditions tested."
- Lawrence A Staron, Chief U.S. Federal-aid Design Division, Washington, D.C.
(Based on a pendulum test report prepared by the Southwest Research institute.)

Below is a performance comparison of the Safety Base Cast Iron Breakaway Couplings vs. Cast Iron Aluminum Breakaway Couplings.

safetybase comparison

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