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Where cars travel at high speeds. Where weather and traffic flows affect safety. Where decisions are often made in a split second. And where accidents happen.

At Safety Base, we have developed piece of mind that can help make your highways a safer place.

The Safety Base design reduces the damage of vehicle-tofixed- object collisions through the use of a breakaway, pole-to-base coupling device. The device is strong enough to withstand wind and static forces, but is designed to fracture from the impact of a moving vehicle, without causing harm to the occupants.

With Safety Base Roadside Sign technology, you can see a dramatic reduction in injuries and fatal collisions involving vehicles and large highway sign and light poles. Safety Base also saves municipalities time and money. The design allows for extremely economical installation and retrofit costs. Further, knocked down poles are often reused due to minimal damage incurred after collisions, and minimal reinstallation time required after a collision also reduces traffic tie-ups and labour costs.

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